The Taurus™ statuette represents a bull: a strong and virtually unstoppable animal that is at the same time both watchful and capable. The bull was chosen as a metaphor for the unique and determined qualities that stunt people must exhibit every day of their working lives: strength, ability, versatility and determination. The Taurus has come to bestow honor and recognition upon the finest stunt professionals in the world.

In mythology, the bull was a favorite shape assumed by Zeus during his earthly escapades. It is the same for the stunt player, who must assume the mask of character for each new performance. In days of old, legend tells us Zeus so revered the bull that he flung it into the heavens, to be forever immortalized in the stars.

The Statuette

  • Material: 30 bronze pieces
  • Height: 80 cm (31,5″)
  • Weight: approx. 12 kilos (26.5 lbs)

Jos Pirkner, sculptor of the Taurus™ statuette, was born in Silian, Eastern Tyrol, Austria, on December 2, 1927. After attending the School of Arts and Crafts in Klagenfurt and graduating with honors, he became a private student of Rudolf Reinhart in Salzburg. During his time in Salzburg, he discovered the joy of working with metal. Pirkner’s work has been praised for its “imaginative power and energy” while at the same time for its sensitivity and sentimentality.