Taurus World Stunt Awards in the form of a Taurus statuette shall be given annually to members of the Taurus World Stunt Academy for outstanding stunt and stunt-related achievements in eligible, theatrically released motion pictures in the following categories:

Awards shall be given in these categories subject to program rules and conditions as outlined throughout this brochure. Categories are subject to revisions at the discretion of the Taurus World Stunt Academy, which also retains full rights to determine which awards shall be televised. Please direct any questions regarding the categories and definitions to the offices of the Taurus World Stunt Awards via the internet, phone or mail. The Taurus World Stunt Awards, under advisement of the Blue Ribbon Committee, retains all rights to make final determinations regarding category definitions as well as appropriate placement of submissions into award categories.

Best Fight

This award is for fights with or without weapons. Stunts in this category include street fighting, boxing, wrestling and martial arts. This award will be given to the principle stunt performer.

Best HIgh Work

This award is for stunts involving high work of any kind. Eligible stunts in this category include but are not limited to jumps, falls, dives, bungee jumping, descenders and other stunts performed on or in relation to such things as bridges, buildings and terrain.

Best Work With a Vecihle

This award is for driving work involving vehicles of any type including, but not limited to cars, vans trucks, buses, heavy equipment, motorcycles and mopeds. lt also includes stunts performed in, on, under or otherwise engaged with vehicles of any type.

Best Specialty Stunt

This award is for stunt work not encompassed by the other categories. It includes but is not limited to water work, work with an animal, work in a motorized aircraft of any kind and specialized work with bicycles, skateboards, snow skis, roller blades and other roller-sports and may also include stunts such as water skiing, parachuting, paragliding and hang gliding. This award will be given to the stunt performer.

Best Overall Stunt by A Stunt Woman

This award is for the best overall stunt performed by a Female in a motion picture of any genre. Stunts in all film categories are eligible as long as they fit eligibility criteria and may have been nominated in another category.

Hardest Hit

This award is for the stunt performed by a stunt man or woman with the hardest hit. All stunt sequences within a motion picture of any genre are eligible as long as they fit the overall stunt eligibility requirements.

Best Stunt Rigging

This award is for the technical rigging of a stunt. Rigging may include descenders, ratchets, and other rigging equipment. This award will be given to the key rigger.

Best Stunt Coordinator ANd/OR 2nd Unit Director

This award goes to the Stunt Coordinator and/or 2nd Unit Director for best stunt coordination throughout an entire motion picture of any genre.