The two lead actors chase the villain in a motorcycle and sidecar, while other bad guys chase them on motorcycles and a quad. Gun fire erupts, cars blow up, motorcycles crash, and the hero’s sidecar is split from the motorcycle, sending them in different directions to crash. This sequence was shot with CGI removal of a few rigs and wires while all of the stunts were done practical. CGI was used to remove the SFX rig under the sidecar that lifted the rear end and dropped it during the explosion. The sidecar was practically ridden with a SFX fireball going off when the rear end lifts. All of the motorcycle crashes were practical and the quad explosion was done with dummies on a tow in with SFX fireball explosions. The motorcycle slamming into the back of the semi-truck and the sidecar hitting the water barrels were both done practically. The sidecar was self-driven and built over a go-kart frame so the driver had full control of steering, gas, and brakes.