A woman falls through the ice covered river and is saved by a dog. The scene was shot in a few parts. Special Effects built a simulated frozen ice sheet atop a 40’ container with a recirculating pump that provided a strong current. A trap door was built so the stunt woman could drop through and be swept away. For the next part, in a larger tank, the stuntwoman was harnessed so she could be towed forward and back. The dog was played by another stuntwoman who dove in and swam down to rescue the woman. The dog/stuntwoman had a harness for the first stuntwoman to grab onto, while they swam under the ice and toward the surface. Lastly, the dog/stuntwoman swam to the surface and broke through the predetermined breakaway ice area, and forced both of them to safety. All of the work was done on breath holds without additional air sources during the filming portions. The dog’s body was later added in via CGI over the stuntwoman’s body.