Two women brawl through a large house. The fight features the women being thrown across a kitchen table, through a two-sided fireplace, swinging on decorative rope, and going through glass. To be flung across the kitchen table, the stuntwoman is on a single hip pick line to get her to the island and then released so she could fall freely to the floor. To be kicked through the two-sided fireplace, the stuntwoman was on a single wire to pull her up and through the fireplace. The fire was real and there was a 1” pad to land on. Swinging on the decorative rope and falling was done in two parts. In the first part, a stuntwoman was on a safety line and jumped to grab and swing on the rope. In the second part, the stuntwoman had 2 lines on her hips, was pulled to the apex of the swing, and then released to fall into the breakaway table and a 1” pad on the floor. To crash through the tempered glass, the stuntwomen were on a wire to help yank them through the glass and they had a 1” pad for landing.