Wonder Woman is making her way through a convoy of armored trucks. She uses a fender to slide underneath a moving truck. The truck flips and she lands on the hood of the villain’s Mercedes. From there, she does a front flip with a half twist over the roof of the Mercedes, ropes the back of the vehicle, and water skis on the asphalt. This sequence was shot separately. In the first part, the truck was rigged with a ram parked in front of a sideways parked truck. Using a slow draw on the ram, the stunt performer was pulled on a skid plate under the sideways parked truck. As she was exiting the sideways truck, they moved off with the other truck, pulling her to the back of it as it pulled away. For the second part, the Mercedes was being towed and the performer was on the hood of the Mercedes with a safety rig over her head. She then did a front flip with a half twist over top and ended up on her feet to water ski behind the car.