This scene is the section of the film when tanks and soldiers with flamethrowers appear and start to burn their enemies inside of trenches. The full scene with fires was shot throughout 3 days of shooting. The main part of the scene where soldiers are burnt inside the trenches was shot in two takes stitched together. Gasoline flamethrowers provided by SFX were handled by 3 different stunt performers burnt in the first pass (first half of a trench) and then 7 different stunt performers in the second pass (second half of a trench) and finally 10 different stunt performers for the last pass. For the rest of the scene, one or two stunt performers at a time had full body fires performed on different places of set for different shots to be used. Fire gel, protective water gel, NomeX and CarboneX fire suits and underwear, SFX Makeup Fireproof Masks, CO2 fire extinguishers and water with blankets were used to ensure the safety of the stunt. In total,16 different stunt performers were used for a total of 28 full body fire burns performed through 3 shooting days. At one time there were 10 people at the same time doing a full body fire burn while 26 stunt safety team members stood by to assist. Editing was used to stitch together two passes of locked cameras and CGI flamethrowers were added for far background inside shot. The first 6 flamethrowers in the side shot were real and practical.