The parachute spiraling to the ground and crash landing included having a stunt double hang 100 feet from the ground and upside down. The performer took a nosedive to create a skydive imitation using a decelerator. Performer had to balance from two hip points to create the realistic look. For the parachute gag, height was 120 feet, the two performers quick released to deploy their own shoots. One of the toggles pre-tensioned to put them into a spin and a self-adjusting descender rig was used to land the pair safely to the ground. As a whole, this sequence used a combination of practical skydiving, open air wind tunnel, Moco rig and wires (winches, ratchets, hand pulls and descender). There was a total of 61 hidden parachute jumps to shoot the entire sequence including the parachute transfer from one character to another and for the tandem jumps under the canopy. The hard costumes on the soldiers made the hidden parachute design an exceptional feat while keeping the stunt safe. CGI was used to create the debris throughout the skydiving, wind tunnel and wire work, and it was used to smooth out the “humps” created by the hidden parachutes.