The Carriage Chase: an escape from prison leads to a high-speed horse and carriage chase. The chase starts with the police chasing the heroes. They almost catch them until a smoke grenade is thrown. It was shot in a limited part of a forest over seven days and incorporated various techniques such as first-person view drone, horse to horse with remote head, tracking vehicle, a quad, camera bikes, sliders on carriages and handheld cameras. The carriages were engineered to have metal wheels with disc brakes so they could slide around corners. There was a ‘blind’ driver inside the carriage. It was shot while going between 18 and 28 mph which was the maximum limit of the carriage speed. The carriage had green crash bars placed on the sides as they were being banged together for real and the wheels couldn’t be damaged. The bars were removed in post. A mixture of mechanical towed horse was used for the actor and real horse which was ridden by the stunt double. An SFX wheel was used that gets destroyed and veers then off into the woods. There was a ski on a hydraulic leg so as soon as the stunt performer threw the post into the wheel it was destroyed and the SFX team lowered the keg tog giving the impression the carriage was tipping. At the end of the scene the carriage veers out of control and just before a crash the performer releases the horses and jumps off the carriage, which was now on a rail system that travelled forwards then tipped and swung sideways coming to a halt. We had a stunt performer jump from this onto the forest floor. We did it all for real and the only CGI used in the scene was the carriage wheel creation and green crash bars removal. The interior with the actors was shot on main unit with the director.