A car chase through the narrow winding streets, stairwells, tramways, and plaza of Lisbon with multiple vehicles and motorcycles in tow.  Sliding a van across hairpin cobble stone roads was required as well as jumping a van up a hill on a ramp and over 20 stairs landing in a tramway lined with cobble stone and tram rails.  The van also was impacted several times by other vehicles in which the stunt double had to recover from an out of control 270-degree spin to continue the chase.  The stunt double then had to battle between two vehicles as she slammed one car on either side into blockades that sent them reeling while the hero van escaped sliding down and out of the plaza. A majority of the chase was in camera action with practical crashes, slides, jumps, and landings on location. VFX was used to enhance the tram section, k-rail markers were used with lighting effects and flame bars to enable digital trams.