The hero, Alban, has equipped his car with an electric harpoon. He uses this harpoon to get rid of his assailants. The shoot includes three cars that were embedded by the harpoon causing them to explode one by one at 32,000 feet from the ground. One falls on him. The sequence consisted of teamwork between the SFX team and the stunt team. The 3-villain black Renault Megane were mounted with SFX canons. The scope of work was to front flip the stunt performer driven Renault #1, blast the non-driven, stunt performer operated, remote controlled Renault #2 and blast the non-driven, remote control operated Renault #3 over the hero car to make it land on the back of the hero vehicle. Visual effects were used only to erase the SFX devices (canon) that could be seen once being fired, and to create the visual electric arc of the harpoons. No visual effects used to enhance the action. The sequence was shot using static cameras, drones, and Russian arm vehicle. For actor shots, a specific vehicle (GOMOBIL) was built and used to implement the actors in the sequence. (No green screen used). All the sequences showing the actors involved were shot live in one day.