The Batman Arena Final Sequence. The sequence starts with Batman crashing through a window and landing on catwalk he then back-flips over the railing, traverses a series of beams and continues to fight “thugs” throughout the rest of the scene. Wires were used for stunt doubles on a decelerator, 2D and 3D winch systems, multiple ratchets, a gold tail and electric cables and wires were also used. Safety lines were included to safety the stunt doubles along with a SPX tilt rig that flowed into a box catcher 10’ below. All this work was executed on a modular set of beams that had to be adjusted at multiple heights from all 3’ to 40’ off the stage floor to match various points of continuity through the sequence. CGI enhancement was used for set extension, wire/rig removal, explosion FX, muzzle flash and face replacement as needed.