Three Falls from Box … Jill (doubling Jennifer Lopez) does a highly choreographed series of falls: a free fall, decelerator and descender. She falls headfirst from a 3’ square glass box on a decelerator. She drops upside down for 15 feet then jerks to a stop, reaches to pike position, pulls a quick release around her ankles and free falls for another 15 feet out of frame. On a secondary hydraulic descender she falls another 40 feet while flipping and twisting between the cables on the flying harness. Precise choreography required her to reverse position, right herself, release her hair from its bun and spread out her sheer dress at the exact moment she falls through a hole. While descending, she had to constantly flip and turn as if she was in water. She eventually slowed and ‘floated” while remaining a few feet over the ground.