A red Audi chases a speeding tram through the city of Prague. The car is shot at and swerves around exploding cars, bullets, and fireballs. The Audi evades other exploding cars and drives underneath a car that flips over it. When the car gets next to the speeding tram to save Gray Man the scene requires that the driver must work in concert with the actor to kill the bad guys coming from all sides. The Gray Man climbs on the roof of the tram and runs as car stays alongside him. As the tram crashes and flips over, the driver places the car alongside the tram so the Gray Man can land on the hood safely. The whole sequence was practical even when the tram jumps the tracks and turns over. The jump onto the hood was done on a sound stage but it was also shot as an overlap with the double on the hood and the stunt driver hitting a mini ramp with him on the hood to simulate the impact of the jump.