This scene involves a gunfight between two assassins, while an innocent bystander gets thrown over a rail on the 9th floor. This sequence was real. It was shot in a government building in Toronto. The building offered an open lobby that had an approximately 160-foot-high ceiling. It was a difficult venue to work in because the team had to set lines and points where needed as well as create a flexible high line system that could get an engineering stamp as well as government approval. All filming needed to be done at night because it was a functioning building during the day. A large majority of the work was done at the 50′ – 130’ foot level and went from that height all the way to the ground as the cat and mouse type fight progressed. Combinations of computer winches, descenders and decelerators were used. The performers, riggers, and camera operators all engaged at these dangerous heights. A manned camera was used to capture the energy of handheld in the space.