Rollover and Rescue of the “Mistral” … The stunts took place in the water tank at stage 16 at Warner Bros on a gimble-operated sailboat “The Mistral.” Three-ton water tanks, water cannons and wind machines were continuously dumped and blown on us as the stunts were performed, making the waves and the weather as real as the film shows. As high seas and waves were blowing the sailboat it capsizes and the crew needs to be rescued. Tim Rigby jumped 20′ from a mock helicopter into the water and swam to the boat to attempt a rescue which was unsuccessful. Dana and Jennifer are tethered to the side of the sailboat and are nearly drowned as it reels from side to side. George assists them back on board for another attempt at rescue from the crew in the helicopter. Dana, Jennifer and George then jumped from the boat into the high seas and kept afloat while Tim Rigby swam through the waves and helped them into the rescue basket.