Four characters are hurled around an office by torrents of water as a huge indoor aquarium collapsed. A floor of an office block was built in a studio complete with cubicles, office equipment etc. Centered above this was a giant SFX dump tank to flood the set in a matter of seconds and propel the stunt performers out through secondary dump chute. The water rapidly dumped to fill the office block because of an explosion that tilts the building and sends all the water along with everything else on set sliding toward the hole created by the explosion. Two characters are washed out of the block entirely, one performer survives by grabbing office cables and the other by being washed against the wall. Three out of four performers were on wires for safety. Complex timing was required between stunts, SFX, camera and water safety to ensure the stunt happened safely and all camera shots were achieved. CGI was used to enhance the wake and splash of the water but stunts provided a proxy stunt double for water interaction.