Stunt sequence was performed on a series of robotic Kuka arms with boxes attached to create the illusion they are trailing behind a C17 aircraft. The Kuka arms were constantly moving and would spin the boxes for certain action pieces. They were set anywhere from 5ft to 40ft above the ground. The sequence involved the performers transferring by jumping from box to box, running across, climbing on, hanging off and falling/chipping off the boxes while at the same time fighting each other. There was a rigging grid set up to accommodate this large performance area. Wires were used to assist performers making these movements, ranging from wire pulls to assist the jumps, tracks to allow travel across the boxes and gold tails for falling down the boxes. These rigs allowed the main actor to perform most of this physical sequence and took considerable rehearsal. Filming took six weeks. The winch system not only controlled the movement of the performer, but also moved the performer through the space in between 100’s of light cables. The performer needed to be in sync with the winch positioning throughout the entire move. A cable cam winch system was also rigged to capture the sequence.